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Hello my dear readers,

It’s been a while…I took time out to regroup, re-center and refocus, and now I am going forward on a global path that I am truly passionate about. I am at a stage where I know I am doing the best I can to navigate my personal and professional life. I think it’s the perfect time to clarify certain points I have mentioned in the past and give some heads-up about my future.

As a businesswoman and a wife, I feel more confident with who I am, my accomplishments, my falls, my qualities, my flaws, my shapes, my standpoints, and with the notion of evolving, as a whole. It feels (really) good. Voilà, c’est dit.

With that said, I am sharing a few facts about me, Mylène Besançon, that you would probably be interested in knowing. My generation and the one after being consumers of stories (research shows that 80% of people look forward to stories from brands), I am happy to participate in one of the leading trends of my time.

  1. Marketing wasn’t an obvious career path. My fascination with marketing came about when I figured that knowledge in this subject area would be beneficial to other fields I wanted to undertake in the future. The topic of branding soon grew on me. I love everything branding because it is the foundation upon which a company is built. Branding is at the forefront of our everyday lives. A strong brand can instantly connect people with an image or a feeling. There are different metrics to define what a successful brand is such as one that has managed to develop a distinct personality over time.
  2. Yes, it’s true that I have a tendency to be reserved. Next, please :-).
  3. I have come to appreciate having more financial freedom over the years. Money enables me to have a higher living standard and to allocate support to trusty causes I care about.
  4. My mother made me understand her dreams had been fulfilled. Having a daughter with an education, a well-remunerated job, and a respectful husband by her side is what she always wanted for me. I reportedly became the first family member to obtain an MBA thanks to the work ethics she transmitted to me. My mother matters to me, her dreams too (mine too, of course… but that’s not the point here :-).
  5. As a baby, my first steps happened on Christmas day. My grandma says I was 11 months old. I have previously mentioned that my childhood was quite humble, more reasons to share cute facts when I have one. Edit 21/02: I edited the sentence because I’d like to get across I am grateful. And I am getting better at nuances in American English.
  6. I am into long-term relationships. I am absolutely attracted to the concept of growing and building together. This is something I knew very early on, a long-term vision has always been essential to me. Furthermore, I came to learn that it is never a good feeling to have doubts about a relationship, as small as they are. Sure, mistakes will be made no matter what stage your relationship is in, and you will need to re-evaluate, tweak, etc. Relationships are work (nurture is caring)!
  7. The color of my eyes appears differently depending on the intensity of the light source. They are either green, light brown, or a mix of both with some yellow.
  8. I find dressing up to be enjoyable. It complements and enhances the Me-e-e (Taylor reference here…).
  9. Belonging to a community makes a world of difference… This is true regardless of whether it’s a dance group, a music association, your own business, etc. In my opinion, being alone for an extended period of time is one of the worst situations, for reasons I’d rather not think of. Now for a new fact… During my adolescent years, my grandma managed to get me involved with sports and financed the classes. I played tennis and earned a few prizes. I also danced. My love for dance will never end. When I’m not entrepreneurially-focused, I thoroughly enjoy practicing some moves.
  10. I do like to think that everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by accident, in my humble opinion.
  11. I have deep affection for cornbread. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Of course, I discovered this treat as soon as I arrived in North America. I will always cherish my Southern French roots, but I feel lucky to have my heart belong to both Canada and the United States.
  12. Constantly whining people have the skill to raise my Mediterranean blood pressure. What is it? Feeling like a failure? So do many others who simply get up, brush themselves off and start over. A delay often means you are about to get something that you’re going to need in order to go forward! Remember, you can be great at any age. I am human, I have downs too. What helps me personally is to think that the best part of our life is right in front of us.
  13. I know I said in the recent past that the movie ‘The Big Short’ ranked among my 5 top favorite movies. My questions about the global collapse of the economy in 2008 were finally answered by that film. I also loved the cast and the editing! However, my favorite movie to date is not ‘The Big Short’. I will write about it, eventually.
  14. My husband told me recently, “People are busy…between work, family, etc.” and it became stuck in my head. I looked at my own schedule and I realized it was packed with work, more work, study, mentorship, hobbies, events, travels, etc. Bottom line, there is always something to do. Keeping a light atmosphere in a responsible environment and having fun in everything I do is tremendously important to me because this is how I function best. And, right now, I am being taught just that.
  15. On the topic of amusement, I still accidentally call “a basketball” “a balloon” and say “throw” instead of “throw away.” This often leads to some incongruous and embarrassing situations. I am making countless mistakes in speech but let me finish with what my latest Toronto coach told me; she said that I should not try to sound “native” because my accent is part of my identity. It’s opinion-based, of course, I felt relieved nonetheless.
  16. I have travelled to many beautiful (and not so beautiful) places around the world. I have gotten exposed to a diversity of personalities and cultures that have helped to shape my own views and also how I approach business, as a result. It is a belief of mine that, to better understand the conflicts surrounding us, we need an international perspective and a more global vision.

I skipped the fact that my favorite quote right now is “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know” by Ernest Hemingway, or that I am working with the best team at Tunedly / Bring My Song To Life. Or that I am burgeoning creatively with plays, books, music to mark the beginning of an exciting decade; or that I am looking forward to having a loving, lively family one day with little ones. Or that I think my best material is done when I am happy and bubbly; or that I imagine reading this again in a few years from a beach at, let’s say, St Bart’s, and laughing at this candid blog post, and probably remember how I was improving my organizational skills at the time. But this list could have gone on all night long. Blogging can be chouette. All the best for the rest of the year… stay strong, stay beautiful. xoxo



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  • Woah. These are amazing dance moves and I haven’t tried many of them. I’ll bookmark this page as this will surely come in handy for my classes.

  • This side straddle split stretch is a very good stretch move for the body. As dancers, the goal is to keep the body as fit and flexible as possible. I do this stretch a few minutes every day no matter how busy I am and it helps a great deal.

  • I actually had to get my notepad to take notes. This is a very resourceful article and I’m totally sharing it with friends who would definitely appreciate it. Thanks for sharing.

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • These are really interesting facts about you Mylene. Good to see you doing this at this time and my love for the kind of woman you are and what you do just grew stronger. I look forward to the time we will get to meet in person — perhaps one of these days when we are both away to see more of the world… I’m travel freak too…Lol.

  • Hmmm… interesting!
    But the perfect woman doesn’t exist 🙂

    • True though but there are some women that are perfect in themselves. You will always perceive that when they talk and take some steps. Trust me, I have seen that in her too

    • Maybe you are right though. Perhaps you need to meet my wife…Lol

  • Ohh! Your eye color changes? That will be interesting to see. I guess you will be the first person I have ever seen with that ability

  • If I hear ‘remember the way it used to be’ in conversations, I can’t help but to also think about ‘the way it’s going to be.

  • If there is anything I like about her, it is her optimism towards life. It’s a type that is rare to come by in most women. Her genuine sympathy and her spark always make me think……

    • She loves what she does, you can tell. But she has downs too, let’s not forget. She’s human. I think her style improved over the years.

    • Rebecca Sharks
      13th March 2020 12:32 pm

      It’s funny we live in a time where we report everything, like feeling hungry? feeling sportive? feeling sad? Let’s make a sad face and publish it on Instagram. I am the same. I met her in Toronto, she’s super nice and bubbly IRL although definitely shy.


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