88 Positive Thoughts To Utter To Yourself Daily

There is a common saying that what you think helps shape what you become. It follows that if you have positive thoughts, you will receive positive outcomes.

Good news! If you have questioned your thoughts, wishing they were more uplifting, now is the right time to shift your mind toward positivity. With the hardships of everyday life, thinking negatively can happen rather easily, and can manifest in ways that only hold you back. That’s why saying positive thoughts to yourself can be powerful in helping to promote an achievement mindset.

To help you out, I am sharing a list of 88 positive thoughts you can use in your daily life. Saying just one, two, or three of these everyday could have profound positive effects on your future self, but only choose the ones that resonate with your particular mindset at the time.

I personally use this list. In emotionally challenging times, I will look at it daily, other times, once or twice per month. Here goes:

  1. I am capable of achieving great things.
  2. The sun is out; I am alive and today will be a resounding success.
  3. I have the confidence to always do my best.
  4. I remain respectful.
  5. I am grateful for life.
  6. My positive mindset gives me a positive life.
  7. The best of my todays are the toughest of my tomorrows.
  8. My attitude shines bright like a diamond.
  9. I take care of myself to better take care of others.
  10. I find solutions.
  11. I am intelligent.
  12. I am a role model.
  13. If problems arise, I will remain calm.
  14. My mind and body are healthy, and I’m grateful.
  15. Quiet time helps me find peace.
  16. I do my best with whatever comes my way.
  17. I can have fun.
  18. I inhale optimism and exhale worries.
  19. I can decide how I feel and today I choose happiness.
  20. I easily attract money and abundance into my life.
  21. I forgive those who have hurt me.
  22. If I need support, I will ask.
  23. I view myself as an integral part of the universe.
  24. My mistakes don’t make up my whole story.
  25. I am proud of myself and the things I accomplished.
  26. My life becomes richer as I get older.
  27. The future rewards those who press on. I won’t spend time complaining or feeling sorry for myself.
  28. I’ll surround myself with positive people who will help bring out the best in me.
  29. My best will be good enough.
  30. I trust my judgement.
  31. I know my purpose(s) and I am working on fulfilling it (them).
  32. My point of view is valid.
  33. I am beautiful.
  34. My smile will evoke feelings of warmth in those around me.
  35. I have what it takes to make my dreams a reality.
  36. I will make it.
  37. Yesterday is behind me. I can make today better because I learned from my mistakes.
  38. I am worthy of being loved.
  39. I will remember that everyone has a struggle and choose to be kind to all.
  40. I won’t give in, there are still possible solutions I haven’t tried as yet.
  41. I did good; I’m celebrating me today.
  42. There is only one me; I am happy with who I am.
  43. I am stronger than I think.
  44. I take time for self-care and relaxation.
  45. I am alive and well, anything is possible.
  46. I won’t procrastinate, there are things to get done this week.
  47. My setbacks don’t determine my attitude, I choose to be radiant and happy.
  48. I think with a hopeful and positive mindset.
  49. I choose to focus on the end results instead of the hurdles.
  50. I have power over my emotions in the face of any adversity.
  51. Every day in every way, I get better.
  52. I choose to venture out of my comfort zone at least once this week.
  53. I will let go of anything in my past that I might still be holding on to.
  54. I give the gift of forgiveness to myself today.
  55. I will step away from fearful thoughts.
  56. My efforts are not in vain.
  57. I will be mindful of and remember to be thankful for the little things that matter.
  58. My goals are within my grasp, nothing will stop me from achieving them.
  59. Good things are meant to happen to me.
  60. I am blessed.
  61. My body has the ability to fix itself in most instances; I will pay attention to its signs and rest as needed.
  62. My problems are no match for the actions I am taking.
  63. I remain deeply connected with nature.
  64. This month will be the best month of my life.
  65. The world is not the same without me.
  66. I show compassion for others.
  67. I will defy the odds and come out victorious and helpful to my community.
  68. I won’t hesitate to take action in pursuit of my dreams.
  69. Every part of me works fine.
  70. Confidence is in all of my actions.
  71. My future is bright; I have what it takes to succeed.
  72. I will make time for meditation today.
  73. I am a positive influence on all who I come into contact with.
  74. Prosperity overflows in my life. I have everything in abundance.
  75. Everything will fall into place, even if I can’t see it yet.
  76. I am relentless; I refuse to be distracted.
  77. I believe in my abilities.
  78. I will not feel shy about asking for advice.
  79. The answers will be revealed to me as long as I keep trying.
  80. Today, I am grateful for _______________.
  81. I won’t take my health for granted; I will be conscious of what I put in my body.
  82. I deserve all the best things that life has to offer.
  83. I refuse to be imprisoned by anger.
  84. I am proud of my achievements and welcome more through smart hard work.
  85. Every setback I might face will be an opportunity for a comeback.
  86. I will remember to breathe in the face of any challenges that may arise.
  87. All my actions today will take me closer to favorable results.
  88. I am focused on enjoying life and I find happiness everywhere I look.

There you have it, I hope these thoughts bring about more positivity and success in your life. Using these helped me (combined with other initiatives) with my own insecurities and moving forward. Let me add that I received help with gathering and writing all the affirmations on this list. Have a beautiful week!

Je crois que nous sommes faits de particules d’étoiles aussi anciennes que l’univers lui-même. Par conséquent, je suis à l’aise avec cette réalisation qui crée un sens d’égalité, d’unité et d’appartenance. Les gens sont tous identiques, sans distinction de croyance, de couleur, de nationalité ou de toute autre différence superficielle. Nous, et toute la vie sur notre planète, partageons la même origine depuis des millions d’années. Je ne fais que suivre notre morale naturelle de l’homme pour “traiter les autres comme vous voudriez qu’ils vous traitent”.



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14 Comments. Leave new

  • Ethan Banjamin
    13th May 2019 5:53 pm

    Yes, your thoughts have a way of helping to shape what you become. This is exactly why we need to keep that positive vibe going so our thoughts and actions don’t get clouded with negativity.

  • Jacob Mason
    13th May 2019 6:15 pm

    I really want to let go of things in the past that I am still holding on to. It’s kinda hard, especially when it involves people you’ve loved. But I’ll definitely try to get rid of them since they contribute to my increased misery today.

  • I’ve picked a handful and written them down on sticky notes to be placed on my goal board. I always look there every morning so it’s going to be a great way to remind me about staying positive. Funny but has been helpful.

  • Hmm. Thinking negatively can manifest and affect you for real? Jeez! I gotta put my thoughts under control then. I’ve been going through a lot lately but don’t want that rearing it’s head in my daily life. This came just at the right time.

  • Read till the end and have already memorized a lot of them. I really need such because I am beginning to go down and I feel like I’m losing that my happy self. But this looks like it will keep me going.

  • Being thankful for the little things that matter is a good thing and if a lot of people can adopt that, we will have more people walking around with genuine smiles on their faces. I always say thank you to that roadside trader when he gives me my purchase even though I paid for it, I also smile at that homeless person even though I’m giving them my last change and even smile to that kid who accidentally bumped into me and spilt my favourite Starbucks I just bought. It’s all part of making the world a better place to live in.

  • Have positive thoughts; receive positive outcomes. Got it! I must say I needed that extra boost. My thoughts are everywhere and honestly, it’s not helping me much because I can’t seem to do things again without thinking about those things which can get me depressed.

  • Genesis Deen
    14th May 2019 1:36 pm

    Wow. I can already see my future self achieving great things as going through this has already put me in the achievement mindset. Thanks for taking the time to share all 88 of them.

  • YAY! I love this one. “if problems arise, I’ll keep calm”. It’s totally encouraging and for my kind of person, it’s just all I need to keep reminding myself to stop overreacting in certain situations.

  • Beautiful pieces. I’m definitely bookmarking for the future. They will surely come in handy! And yeah, everything will fall into place, even if I can’t see it yet. I just believe it will. Thanks for putting this together.

  • Veruca Scott
    15th May 2019 11:17 am

    True, quiet time helps us find peace. You may not notice that at first but when you make it a habit, you will love the inner peace that will follow in no time.

  • Oh my! I really need to learn to inhale optimism and exhale worries. This would definitely save me a lot of unnecessary trouble. I can worry over every single thing and it drains me because those things would occupy my thoughts and I’ll hardly do anything else. I just need to ‘unlearn’ and ‘relearn’!

  • Yes! I won’t procrastinate, there are A LOT of things to get done this week. it’s Wednesday already, but I believe keeping this mindset up will still help me achieve a lot before the week runs out like every other.

  • It’s good for one to remember that everyone has a struggle and choose to be kind to all. I’ve learned to not yell at that person who pisses me off on the spot but relax and tell them how I don’t appreciate the action. You’ll find out that such a person would go ahead to apologize. That how life works!


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