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Hello my dear readers,

How is everyone doing?

For the newcomers, I am Mylène Besançon, the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Tunedly. I jointly wore the hat of Branding Mentor in the areas of wellness, education, and entertainment to explore my horizon, before refocusing on Tunedly’s expansion (and its subsidiary, Bring My Song To Life). I was listed among several “Limit-breaking Female Founders” as well as US Insider’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs, and I have been featured in Billboard, Style Magazine, Yahoo, and other outlets. I am also a published author at Thrive Global and Symphonic Distribution, as well as being a speaker at CMW.

I currently live in Canada, having been selected among the first 100 Startup VISA Canada recipients. I was part of the team as a co-founder that was picked for U.S. accelerators (StartFast in New York, US; Capital Innovators in Missouri, US; Expert Dojo in California, US) among thousands of applicants worldwide. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I grew up in Le Lavandou in the South of France, “la cité des dauphins et des baleines“. I received a BA in Foreign Language and Business Studies from Université Sud Toulon-Var and an MBA in Marketing from Dublin Business School.

I am also leading/participating in a number of projects I am proud of, which I don’t necessarily put forward because people seem to bear interest and congratulate me on the above. Your story might be different and I hope it is.

Chris is every single day by my side (and vice-versa, duh). His website is Confident, insecure, hopeful, anxious, comfortable, meager, equal, unequal, creative, uninspired, we have been through a lot of phases since we met in Europe, built our company and team, been invited and moved to North America, fulfilled diverse types of requirements, bettered ourselves, kept everything on track, married traditionally on our lakefront land, and everything in between.

I keep my promise: harmony is all I am standing by for this new decade (I used ‘harmony’ entre autres as a winkle to the music industry: a pleasing combination and progression of chords).

Are you ready for my last post for years to come here – maybe even forever? The time has come for me to pause this blog, which has been helpful along the way. As time passed, the focus shifted through several perspectives, including:

  • educational
  • highlighting my job
  • proving a point
  • helping to keep up with my English proficiency (American East Coast is my favorite)
  • keeping my audience engaged
  • because I felt like writing/publishing articles contributed to my steadiness with many changes around me (travels, people, culture, climate, food, expectations, world crisis/peace, financial risks/rewards, etc) – and more in between.

Finally, the blog is something gratifying for me to look back on as an accomplishment.

Hoping (and triggering the odds!) that this post-COVID decade will bring happiness to you all, as well as adventures, beauty, music, money, passion, fulfillment, and a deepening appreciation of our planet and its wonders.

As usual, comments are here if you are visiting from For disclosure, this blog post was scheduled weeks in advance.


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With that said, I am tapping into my “inspiration” days (Thrive Global 2017 article): “My advice is to keep doing what you love and the inspiration will kick in somewhere along the line, bringing with it the magic you’re searching for.”

Family + Work + Hobbies + Friends + Accomplishments. A seamlessly tranquil loving life, quoi. And I love it.

Stay healthy, amplify your creativity, have a nice attitude, and all the best on your own journey.



‘Mylène’s Blog’ gives you an answer to something you’ve been curious about. I co-founded Tunedly and (you’ll find something you love on either of the two websites).  The Homepage of my website is the best place to learn about me. Homepage LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Gallery  

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  • This is really inspiring!

  • My favourite interview of yours is when you said: “I am lucky to be able to use all of my degrees in languages, business, and marketing, in my career. I have been working on setting up excellent habits for myself and my family since 2020. I am doing my best to progress professionally and personally, to eat healthily, to nurture relationships across three main countries I have ties with, to let loose from time to time, and to remain interesting creatively. I love every aspect of my life at that very moment, so I wouldn’t change a bit. Life is short.” IT IS PUMPING ME UP!!!!

  • You really inspire me to be more productive and do more in life.
    With so much excitement and happiness for you, brava!
    You are beautiful.

  • When everyone else said it couldn’t be done, you showed the opposite to be true. Success didn’t happen overnight. Your dedication and hard work has really paid off! Congratulations! So proud of you. Don’t delete the blog please…


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