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You can find my articles below in no chronological order. As a whole, I aim at remaining innovative in relation to my own interests, my multicultural family, and life events (bluntly said, not copy my neighbor next door). I am writing from the West Coast of Canada, the best place I have ever lived. B.C. is already deep in my heart.

Dear 2020: I am in love, I am healthy, I have fun. I have a career who challenges me, expectations to meet, and goals to reach. I thrive to be better than yesterday and not mishandle situations. I discern what passionates me and what doesn’t. Long may it continue.


Beautiful Gems Of Canada

Some of the most breathtaking places I have traveled to are right here in Canada. Check out my list of top Canadian gems.

Gorgeous Places in the United States

The United States is home to a number of world-famous attractions. See if any of your favorites made my list.

Understanding the Concept of Branding

If you have ever wondered about how branding helps businesses succeed, this article might prove helpful.

What Can I Achieve With My Knowledge and Talents?

Choosing a career path can be difficult but some good perspectives can go a long way.

My Favorite Quotes Right Now

Words I live by that have served me well over the years.

Three Tips for Writing Creative Lyrics

We all need help like this when our creativity is on the wane.

Songwriters, Find Yourself Stuck? Try Metaphors!

Metaphors have a unique relationship with the songwriting process.

Common Misconceptions About my Entrepreneurship Journey

My entrepreneurship journey may surprise you.

How having a healthy relationship can help boost your business – Part 1

Balancing business and pleasure is not impossible after all, and I have proof.

How having a healthy relationship can help boost your business – Part 2

This second article in the series explains how having a supportive partner can benefit your business.

How having a healthy relationship can help boost your business – Part 3

In the third and final article in the series, find out some of the attributes that make a suitable life and business partner.

Discover the New Wave In Online Music Production 

Looking at the Tunedly journey from where we started, you will realize our mission has been consistent. 

Tunedly News

Here’s a rundown of what we have been able to accomplish here at Tunedly.

How To Travel In Style Without Spending A Fortune

Read this if you want to travel the world but don’t have a large amount of cash to spend.

Stretches For Jazz Dancers And More 

I have to admit my metabolism changes with age…but these moves help my body stay in shape, regardless.

Communicating Your Vision Clearly to the People Who Matter

Not everyone will get your vision, but it helps if you know how to lay it out for the people who matter.

An Anti-Bucket List is Full of Achievable Goals

Compiling my person anti-bucket list was truly an enlightening experience for me.

Feeling Inspired? How Inspiration Really Works

If you have ever wondered how inspiration actually works, you will likely appreciate this article.

6 Creativity Truths and Associated Misconceptions

Here is what creativity actually is (and what it is not).

The Lack of Women in the Music Industry

I’m curious to find out if much has changed since I wrote this piece about the lack of women in the music industry.

Tackling Investors’ Fear of Backing Married Co-Founders

Is it just me or are investors truly fearful about getting into business with married co-founders? Here’s my take.

Are Investors Still Skeptical of Married Co-founders?

Quite a few things have changed since I raised the point about investors being hesitant to support married co-founders, so what’s new? 

How My Parents’ Phone Call Changed the Way I Think About Entrepreneurship

How did a routine phone call from my parents change my perspective about entrepreneurship?

How Songwriters Can Emotionally Connect With Their Audience

If your songs are able to touch the audience on an emotional level, then you may be on to something. Read more…

How The Right Lyric Fortify The Listeners Creative Mind

 Being able to influence how people think after listening to your song lyrics is a super power in itself.

5 Videos About Persevering, Plugging Away, Planes and Pets

These 4 P’s certainly have a vibe.

Voilà! The pieces are all written in English because I don’t believe I have a strong French or Spanish audience at that time. I am glad to have a platform where I can pour out ideas, frustrations, and dreams.

 Below are a few mentions, features, and other links outside of my articles: 

Executive Turntable: Moves at TuneIn & Coalition Agency, Additions to Tunedly Advisory Board Being featured in a Billboard story doesn’t happen all the time. ——— Video Music Stars For those who don’t know, there is a little more info. ——— CMW 2016 Wow, this was such a kickass panel, and I was so happy to have been one of the speakers. ——— About Me In case you want to know something else about me, here is where to look. ——— Yahoo Finance  Like most of us, finding the right gift for mom can be a real headache, here is some help. ——— Close-up Tunedly Everything you have ever wanted to know about Tunedly is explained in this short article. ——— The dos and don’ts of music collaborations Collaborate with other music creators can be a piece of cake. ——— Online Publishing Platform Read all my articles shared on Medium. ——— Stand out brand in the music business You can probably learn a thing or two about branding by reading this interview I did on the topic. ——— Canadian FIlm Centre I am truly happy to be a part of this uplifting platform. ——— Facebook I haven’t been on FB in a while, I wonder what’s going on over there. ——— Twitter As you can see, I have not been active on Twitter for a while now at all. ——— Mathew Knowles on building ‘brand Beyoncé’ Mathew Knowles sure has plenty to say on a lot of different topics, and we are exceedingly happy to be mentioned. ——— Besançon – The Little French City with the Big History The history of my family name appears to be deeper than I imagined. Here are the details. ——— This is How Tech has changed Music Creation and Listening Today This Tunedly feature is still one of our favorites (you will see why). ——— Top 5 Recording Tips Here are some basics to keep in mind if you want to produce good music recordings every time. ——— How Indie Musicians Can Enhance Visual Branding How it’s done: visual branding for indie musicians. ——— Mathew Knowles And Harvey Mason Jr. Are Joining Acclaimed Online Recording Studio Tunedly As Advisors Harvey mason Jr. and Mathew Knowles joining the Tunedly Team as advisors is among our proudest moments. ——— 6 startups to get investment from capital Seems like yesterday we were among this team of St. Louis startups that were picked up by Capital Innovators. 

My source of joy became wider than being mentioned for biz by a journalist, but there was definitely a time where I was ecstatic! Anybody noticed I am undertaking on being kid-friendly in my remarks? I am not going for perfectionism in that regard, only setting acceptable habits in place. Comments are here if you are visiting from

As a side note, I am getting married the traditional way soon (we got informally married in a U.S. state before). I start to understand what becoming a wife entails together, the details are sweet and will remain private. 

Stay safe, be nice, and all the best in your own endeavors.



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  • Reply to Melanie: Postgraduate study is hard (communication and teamwork. project management. data analysis. independent thinking. critical thinking. problem solving). They don’t teach you stress management. If you visit Paris in August, know that all Parisians are gone on vacation so the city has a great vibe because you feel like you have it to yourself. But be aware that lots of shops and restaurants are closed then. Mylene, wherever you are right now is exactly where you should be.

  • You have always used a kid-friendly language except this time when a guy was inappropriate to you. I always admire you from afar and look forward to the day I will be able to meet you in person. It will be such a rare privilege for me.

  • I have always wanted to go to Paris some day, I will have to make it there! whenever I look at your kind of personality, it makes me want to visit Paris so badly — even if it’s just once. i have started taking steps towards it anyway until COVID came and interrupt my plans.

  • Tiffany James
    3rd October 2020 6:17 pm

    I want to learn a second language. Thinking of going for French and Spanish. The two languages don’t look like one that will be an easy ride. People told me Fench and Spanish are the hardest languages to learn. I wish I could do what you do.

  • I read your review with SongWriter, and I must say it is one of the most comprehensive any budding or aspiring songwriter will ever need. I respect your eloquence a lot and your experience in the industry even make it more amazing. You are a rare gem, Mylène.

  • What actually brought me to know Mylène was at the time I was looking for a way to write better lyrics for my songs. I read your article about “tips for writing creative lyrics”, and that has been a game-changer in my career. Now, I have writing good songs over the year and many people now consult me to write for them. I bless the day I found you, Mylène.

  • I want to rent a van and take a year off. Thinking of making it to Paris. What time of the year would you advise I do that? I learned a vacation in Paris is always heaven on earth experience.

    • Hi Jeffery, thank you for commenting. It sounds like fun! Christmas in Paris is simply magical, in my opinion. The season leading up to Christmas is a beautiful time in Paris that can offer the ideal scenery for a romantic vacation or a special holiday with the family. In case there was a misunderstanding, I would like to clarify that I am not originally from Paris, I stayed in the capital of France at different times of the year and I kept sweet memories from every trip. I hope I have answered your question!

  • This is a nice compilation here. I’ve been looking for a way to get all your writings together, and I must confess that this has greatly blessed me. I’m still reading anyway, nut I can’t just take a break without leaving a comment here.

  • The way you present your ideas always amazes me. You are a strong woman and that shows all over your tone. I wish I can be close to what you have fought through in your career. Your life is worth desiring.

  • Wow! How were you able to bring all of these articles together? It brings back the old sweet memory of Tunedly to me. My music career would have still be in the baby stage of not for Tunedly. It shaped me and helped me found my feet in music production. It was – and still is a great and creative innovation.


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