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Female stereotypes are not okay

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Hello my dear readers, How is everyone doing? For the newcomers, I am Mylène Besançon, the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Tunedly. I jointly wore the hat of Branding Mentor in the areas of wellness, education, and entertainment to…
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i want to become a singer songwriter

Quick notes 2

As much as my twenties were about evaluating what is really for me, my thirties are about commitment. In case my demanding career, trendy/absurd safe games, narrative endeavors, innovative experiments, creative sparks, among others, have taken over my writings, I…
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ghost writing

Life’s Sweet Spot

“it’s good to have your life, it’s good to be Mylène” – my new NYC coach said to me after I notified her of what my schedule looks like. I am truly appreciative, to say the least. ✨   ◩…
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Quick notes…

Mode: Setting habits to be happy with what I have while I pursue all that I want.Seeking validation fades away over the years while general consensus in what I undertake becomes more and more important.Straightforwardness and honesty are valued, adiós…
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