Houston Style Magazine Announced New Advisors

Houston Style Magazine announced the appointment of Mathew Knowles and Harvey Mason Jr. to Tunedly’s Advisory Board.

Knowles is a music mogul who also heads Music World Entertainment. He has over three decades of experience managing the careers of major artists.

Mason Jr., a Grammy, Billboard, and ASCAP Pop award winning songwriter, also brings a wealth of experience to the Tunedly team. He has worked on chart-topping projects with a raft of major artists, including Chris Brown, Kelly Clarkson, and even Michael Jackson.

“Both of our new advisors joined to help Tunedly navigate the often tricky waters of the music industry more efficiently,” said Mylène Besançon, co-founder and CMO of Tunedly. “We know this will help us and the people who work with us find more success with their music without any doubt at all,” she added.

The appointments of Mathew Knowles and Harvey Mason Jr. come as the company positions itself to become the premier online destination for music production and related services.

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