Making Better Decisions After Envisioning Your Senior Self

Welcome (back) dear readers,
One and a half years after it began, the Covid-19 pandemic situation is nearly over. 🎉  😌
On an unrelated note, I would like to address a deep-seated topic today: taking ownership of your senior self.
My grandma pulled off to travel safely from Europe to North America, at age 80; she shops for groceries and clothes by herself; she visits friends in PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France); she is in total control of how her money is spent; she uses basic technology in order to stay in touch with her granddaughter and relatives; she takes care of her immaculate home where she wants to stay in until heaven takes her; and so on.
As a minor, we get used to letting other people make decisions for us. This is mainly because a minor is under the age of full legal responsibility.
As an adult, we need to make our own decisions. Otherwise, you let others run your life which is awful. IMO, create the experiences you want and work backward.
At 80+, I envision myself going back and forth between our family homes, with my husband – until heaven takes us as well; I will still have projects to complete to keep me busy, active, and useful; I will continue to eat healthily; I will reevaluate what great habits look like at that time; I will switch between French (from France) and English (from NY, U.S.) languages masterfully for that age, with the occasional ludicrous slips; I will leave if I don’t feel comfortable somewhere and stay if the environment is enjoyable; I will certainly manage my finances as I please; I will look back and look forward enthusiastically.
Voilà another article written from beginning to end by a woman with a lot more adventures in her journey before reaching this age. I am young and I feel young. I will keep on shaping myself. My daily life is heartening in this single-family home community with a stunning lake view. On my list of tasks, today, are: diminishing my natural enthusiastic French gesture for work as advised, delegating better, reorganizing my to-do list, learning history dates for a test, calling my parents to organize our next visit to the South of France, faire des petites bêtises de notre génération avec des amis, reading a book on happiness and personal growth, pricking potatoes with Chris to place a layer of cream and pour duck confit, and giving pet food to our Domestic cat and Samoyed puppy.



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  • I’ve read that post before and it honestly opened my eyes to some things I never really thought about. The world isn’t perfect, yes, and there are people around who make life harder for others but we just have to agree that they help to bring out the best in the rest of us, and that actually matters a lot.

  • I totally agree that people who win in life are those who recognize that life is going to happen regardless of what they do. Usually, I would always whine and complain when something I’ve been tirelessly working on doesn’t pull through, but with time I realized it doesn’t make any sense and I just do my best now and try to adapt to the whole thing. I must say it has done a lot of good for me today.

  • Oh come on, I think a lot of us prefer life just as it is as anything different from this. And we would be sure that there would be no creativity since everyone would be satisfied with the status quo and surely there would not be any need to think outside the box. Everything will lose life and color because we would all be living just for the sake of living. I think I’m good with life the way it is now.

    • Gulnara from Korea
      3rd September 2021 5:12 pm

      Her friends are good looking too. We Koreans call it as ‘yeppeun’. I wonder if French people are mostly beautiful!

  • I need to distinguish my former and future self. People tend to place extreme emphasis on their present selves.

  • The kind of life I would love to live in my 70s. you are a great inspiration Mylène!

  • Do you update old articles because of SEO? I am not so fond of the idea that SEO is hard because it’s always changing.

  • Anyway, grab your coffee and check out these quotes!
    —Not only is a good prank harmless, but, like a good story, it reveals an essential truth that would otherwise be hidden.
    —Relationships are like a walk in the park. Jurassic Park.
    —Eating well is a form of self-respect.

  • Ohh! I love this. Most people, especially Americans, at this age are already age-stricken and losing it already. But one thing I discover is that this thing has more connection with our thoughts and perspective of life. You can think it, then you can achieve it. I love your thinking pattern, Mylene!

  • Excuse me, can you be so kind to answer questions of mine? You are always so busy.

    Are you excited to travel again? Are there any Easter egg in this article? What do you think about Biden presidency? Why don’t you emphasize “worldwide” on your website? Is kindness more important than tolerance? Do you still write about romanticism? What is l’art de ne rien faire? Did you follow new social trends last year? What is like to manage a team? How was the university in France? How is being married changing your life?

  • You two are very cute. Congrats on the move (I follow you on fb)…
    I can tell the lifestyle you have right now is RIGHT for you. You shine!

    22nd December 2021 2:12 pm

    Chris et toi êtes des experts à l’organisation. Félicitations pour tout, vous le méritez. Joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année.


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