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Female stereotypes are not okay

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Hello my dear readers,

How is everyone doing?

For the newcomers, I am Mylène Besançon, the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Tunedly. I jointly wore the hat of Branding Mentor in the areas of wellness, education, and entertainment to explore my horizon, before refocusing on Tunedly’s expansion (and its subsidiary, Bring My Song To Life). I was listed among several “Limit-breaking Female Founders” as well as US Insider’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs, and I have been featured in Billboard, Style Magazine, Yahoo, and other outlets. I am also a published author at Thrive Global and Symphonic Distribution, as well as being a speaker at CMW.

I currently live in Canada, having been selected among the first 100 Startup VISA Canada recipients. I was part of the team as a co-founder that was picked for U.S. accelerators (StartFast in New York, US; Capital Innovators in Missouri, US; Expert Dojo in California, US) among thousands of applicants worldwide. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I grew up in Le Lavandou in the South of France, “la cité des dauphins et des baleines“. I received a BA in Foreign Language and Business Studies from Université Sud Toulon-Var and an MBA in Marketing from Dublin Business School.

I am also leading/participating in a number of projects I am proud of, which I don’t necessarily put forward because people seem to bear interest and congratulate me on the above. Your story might be different and I hope it is.

Chris is every single day by my side (and vice-versa, duh). His website is Confident, insecure, hopeful, anxious, comfortable, meager, equal, unequal, creative, uninspired, we have been through a lot of phases since we met in Europe, built our company and team, been invited and moved to North America, fulfilled diverse types of requirements, bettered ourselves, kept everything on track, married traditionally on our lakefront land, and everything in between.

I keep my promise: harmony is all I am standing by for this new decade (I used ‘harmony’ entre autres as a winkle to the music industry: a pleasing combination and progression of chords).

Are you ready for my last post for years to come here – maybe even forever? The time has come for me to pause this blog, which has been helpful along the way. As time passed, the focus shifted through several perspectives, including:

  • educational
  • highlighting my job
  • proving a point
  • helping to keep up with my English proficiency (American East Coast is my favorite)
  • keeping my audience engaged
  • because I felt like writing/publishing articles contributed to my steadiness with many changes around me (travels, people, culture, climate, food, expectations, world crisis/peace, financial risks/rewards, etc) – and more in between.

Finally, the blog is something gratifying for me to look back on as an accomplishment.

Hoping (and triggering the odds!) that this post-COVID decade will bring happiness to you all, as well as adventures, beauty, music, money, passion, fulfillment, and a deepening appreciation of our planet and its wonders.

As usual, comments are here if you are visiting from For disclosure, this blog post was scheduled weeks in advance.


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With that said, I am tapping into my “inspiration” days (Thrive Global 2017 article): “My advice is to keep doing what you love and the inspiration will kick in somewhere along the line, bringing with it the magic you’re searching for.”

Family + Work + Hobbies + Friends + Accomplishments. A seamlessly tranquil loving life, quoi. And I love it.

Stay healthy, amplify your creativity, have a nice attitude, and all the best on your own journey.



‘Mylène’s Blog’ gives you an answer to something you’ve been curious about. I co-founded Tunedly and (you’ll find something you love on either of the two websites).  The Homepage of my website is the best place to learn about me. Homepage LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Gallery  

Life unfair

Making Better Decisions After Envisioning Your Senior Self

Welcome (back) dear readers,
One and a half years after it began, the Covid-19 pandemic situation is nearly over. 🎉  😌
On an unrelated note, I would like to address a deep-seated topic today: taking ownership of your senior self.
My grandma pulled off to travel safely from Europe to North America, at age 80; she shops for groceries and clothes by herself; she visits friends in PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France); she is in total control of how her money is spent; she uses basic technology in order to stay in touch with her granddaughter and relatives; she takes care of her immaculate home where she wants to stay in until heaven takes her; and so on.
As a minor, we get used to letting other people make decisions for us. This is mainly because a minor is under the age of full legal responsibility.
As an adult, we need to make our own decisions. Otherwise, you let others run your life which is awful. IMO, create the experiences you want and work backward.
At 80+, I envision myself going back and forth between our family homes, with my husband – until heaven takes us as well; I will still have projects to complete to keep me busy, active, and useful; I will continue to eat healthily; I will reevaluate what great habits look like at that time; I will switch between French (from France) and English (from NY, U.S.) languages masterfully for that age, with the occasional ludicrous slips; I will leave if I don’t feel comfortable somewhere and stay if the environment is enjoyable; I will certainly manage my finances as I please; I will look back and look forward enthusiastically.
Voilà another article written from beginning to end by a woman with a lot more adventures in her journey before reaching this age. I am young and I feel young. I will keep on shaping myself. My daily life is heartening in this single-family home community with a stunning lake view. On my list of tasks, today, are: diminishing my natural enthusiastic French gesture for work as advised, delegating better, reorganizing my to-do list, learning history dates for a test, calling my parents to organize our next visit to the South of France, faire des petites bêtises de notre génération avec des amis, reading a book on happiness and personal growth, pricking potatoes with Chris to place a layer of cream and pour duck confit, and giving pet food to our Domestic cat and Samoyed puppy.



‘Mylène’s Blog’ gives you an answer to something you’ve been curious about. ⑇ Are you a songwriter or have friends who are? I co-founded Tunedly, a selective music publishing and recording studio. ⑇ The Homepage of my website is the best place to learn about me. Homepage LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Gallery  ⑇ Meaning of my first name: Mylène is the contraction of two first names: Marie, derived from Maryam, “the one who raises” in Hebrew, and Hélène, of Greek origin, meaning “the radiance of the sun”.


Where trouble is, far I shall be

Unless it’s a compelling, problem-solving case. And if I have free time.

I am preparing two (potentially three) lengthy blog posts. In the meantime, there is the news:

New adjective-based, professional assessment below.

Feedback 1: Intelligent; Witty; Classy
Feedback 2: Smart; Studious; Motivated
Feedback 3: Curious; Successful
Feedback 4:
Intelligent; Passionate; Serious; Creative; Motivated; Pretty

It’s going to be difficult to top this in the future.

I am presently not playing with the latest tech tools; not having a personal assistant; not trying to fit in in a different environment because I am at home; not having English pronunciation courses so I can order dynamic sushis instead of dynamite sushis; not researching topics to write about. In all honesty, our gentle puppy is rightfully requiring a lot of my attention.

My near relatives (in North America and in Europe) and I are in tip-top condition. What more could one ask for?



‘Mylène’s Blog’ gives you an answer to something you’ve been curious about. Are you a songwriter or have friends who are? I co-founded Tunedly, a selective music publishing, recording studio, and audio player. The Homepage of my website is the best place to learn about me. Homepage LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Gallery  


Just right. Not too little, not too much.

Cherishing the relationship with my husband and those I love, improving my work-life balance, nurturing interests and studying, making good money, freeing my home from clutter and welcoming newer ways, savoring yummy food, enjoying healthy exercise, maintaining privacy, spending time in nature with my family and friends, living a happier and fulfilling life.


hello it's me

World Book Day

My Top 7 Reads for World Book Day

Today is World Book Day. It’s a special day for me because it’s a time to celebrate books, authors and, of course, reading. About 100 countries take part in World Book Day each year. As you’ve probably guessed, I love to read books…especially the traditional type. I believe I’m like most of you in that regard, according to the New York Times; I read more printed books than e-books. That’s why, today, I’m sharing with you my seven favorite paperback books, ranging from productivity to wellness. I’ll share the Amazon links, so you can check them out yourself. Here goes:


LEARNED OPTIMISM – HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND AND YOUR LIFE, by Martin E. P. Seligman: With a more joyful outlook on life, the author explains that we are in a much better position to enhance our well-being.

GOAL BETTER (A PRODUCTIVITY JOURNAL), by Modern Script Designs: Essentially, it will become YOUR book. 

DOMINEZ VOTRE ANXIÉTÉ AVANT QU’ELLE NE VOUS DOMINE, by Albert Ellis: In the pursuit of wanting to become a better person, a better wife, a better professional, a better creative, a better friend, a better daughter, a better tourist,  etc…some chapters are helping me. Apart from jetlags, this book gives me excuses to have more fun and not care so much – especially if I know I am doing the best I can every single day. J’ai une routine du tonnerre

LONELY PLANET CALIFORNIA 8th Ed, by Andrea Schulte-Peevers: My daydreams consist of the sound of ocean waves, beautiful landscapes, nonalcoholic cocktails, plenty of sunshine, bright colors, a zest of philosophy, baguettes and croissants, a ton of romance, dynamic music, gentle pranks, smooth horseback riding, sweetness and appreciation…and California, at the moment.

CONTENT MACHINE, by Dan Norris: For those of you who want to excel at content marketing, this is worth a read. How I perceive marketing has fluctuated over the past few years. As a result, I took back older books that I used to love and they invigorated me to go forward.

CANDIDE, by Voltaire: A classic piece of satirical work required as a school reading, penned by a truly great author and which has stood the test of time. 

SO GOOD THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU, by Cal Newport: Is life about loving what you do or doing what you love?


Bonuses (not available in the paperback format as of yet):

THE ART OF DIPLOMACY, by Bruce Heyman: The book will bring you one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world—the relationship between Canada and the US.

THE MOMENT OF LIFT, by Melinda Gates: The book introduces us to remarkable women and shows the power of connecting with one another.

Happy reading!



‘Mylène’s Blog’ gives you an answer to something you’ve been curious about. ⑇ I co-founded Tunedly and (you’ll find something you love on either of the two websites) ⑇ The Homepage of my website is the best place to learn about me. Homepage LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Gallery

i want to become a singer songwriter

Quick notes 2

  • As much as my twenties were about evaluating what is really for me, my thirties are about commitment.
  • In case my demanding career, trendy/absurd safe games, narrative endeavors, innovative experiments, creative sparks, among others, have taken over my writings, I just would like to say that I deeply love Chris. I am very lucky to forge so many memories with a clever and patient human being. Even if we do e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. together, wearing a meaningful ring does make a difference in how I think from the moment I get up in the morning, honestly.
  • There is nothing like home. We have our healthy habits, we know the community, and we are just happy. Although not right now, I will be thrilled to travel afar again with my people.
  • Changes are most likely coming: I am working with a new Seattle-based professional who advises me to have my social media channels run differently. I am aware they have been all over the place (youth?) so I would like them to reflect maturity.
  • Remember the small conflicts you had with students and colleagues, in college and at the beginning of your career? You will become too absorbed in the realization of your dreams, and your family’s, to not keep situations amiable.
  • The environment I am in is stimulating: I am surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world.
  • Aren’t you already winning at life if you keep the “I did the best I could” mindset? This frame of mind really set in 2020.
  • Healthy from head to toe, I feel particularly blessed. Une meilleure santé est essentielle au bonheur et au bien être.
  • Maybe it won’t be cool to run a blog, let’s say in 10 years, but I am personally glad I started one.

I don.


‘Mylène’s Blog’ gives you an answer to something you’ve been curious about. ⑇ I co-founded Tunedly, go sign up at! ⑇ The Homepage of my website is the best place to learn about me. ⑇

ghost writing

Life’s Sweet Spot

“it’s good to have your life, it’s good to be Mylène” – my new NYC coach said to me after I notified her of what my schedule looks like. I am truly appreciative, to say the least. ✨



‘Mylène’s Blog’ gives you an answer to something you’ve been curious about. Are you a songwriter or have friends who are? I co-founded Tunedly (the interactive online recording studio with the most qualified network of vetted session musicians). The Homepage of my website is the best place to learn about me. Homepage LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Gallery   

Austin Organizations Homeless Social Anxiety

My Favorite Jokes In French For Your Laughing Pleasure

Hi all,

One of my latest articles is titled “My Anti-bucket List.” In it, I write that I will never stop laughing.

“Laughter is truly the best medicine. This was pointed out in a famous article by Norman Cousins in the New England Journal of Medicine over 40 years ago. There have been several studies since then supporting the benefits of laughing, including the fact that a good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, boosts the immune system, and decreases stress hormones while increasing immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies.”

As you probably already know, I was born in the South of France. I spent my childhood and teenage years in that beautiful part of the country. I now live in Canada, the Great White North! Canada is ranked 6th most peaceful country in the world (GPI). 


Quick notes…

Mode: Setting habits to be happy with what I have while I pursue all that I want.
Seeking validation fades away over the years while general consensus in what I undertake becomes more and more important.
Straightforwardness and honesty are valued, adiós to the famous “French mysterious allure” and sous-entendus.
I take pleasure in being busy running cool fine stuff with my peers.



‘Mylène’s Blog’ gives you an answer to something you’ve been curious about. ⑇ Are you a songwriter or have friends who are? I co-founded Tunedly, an innovative recording studio with 5,000+ projects up to date. Check also the subsidiary: ⑇ The Homepage of my website is the best place to learn about me. I presently am embracing an ideal balance and realizing dreams. Sparkling heart Homepage LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Gallery ⑇

ghost writing

Article Grouping

You can find my articles below in no chronological order. As a whole, I aim at remaining innovative in relation to my own interests, my multicultural family, and life events (bluntly said, not copy my neighbor next door). I am writing from the West Coast of Canada, the best place I have ever lived. B.C. is already deep in my heart.

Dear 2020: I am in love, I am healthy, I have fun. I have a career who challenges me, expectations to meet, and goals to reach. I thrive to be better than yesterday and not mishandle situations. I discern what passionates me and what doesn’t. Long may it continue.


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Are Investors Still Skeptical of Married Co-founders?

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How My Parents’ Phone Call Changed the Way I Think About Entrepreneurship

How did a routine phone call from my parents change my perspective about entrepreneurship?

How Songwriters Can Emotionally Connect With Their Audience

If your songs are able to touch the audience on an emotional level, then you may be on to something. Read more…

How The Right Lyric Fortify The Listeners Creative Mind

 Being able to influence how people think after listening to your song lyrics is a super power in itself.

5 Videos About Persevering, Plugging Away, Planes and Pets

These 4 P’s certainly have a vibe.

Voilà! The pieces are all written in English because I don’t believe I have a strong French or Spanish audience at that time. I am glad to have a platform where I can pour out ideas, frustrations, and dreams.

 Below are a few mentions, features, and other links outside of my articles: 

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My source of joy became wider than being mentioned for biz by a journalist, but there was definitely a time where I was ecstatic! Anybody noticed I am undertaking on being kid-friendly in my remarks? I am not going for perfectionism in that regard, only setting acceptable habits in place. Comments are here if you are visiting from

As a side note, I am getting married the traditional way soon (we got informally married in a U.S. state before). I start to understand what becoming a wife entails together, the details are sweet and will remain private. 

Stay safe, be nice, and all the best in your own endeavors.



‘Mylène’s Blog’ gives you an answer to something you’ve been curious about. ⑇ Are you a songwriter or have friends who are? I co-founded Tunedly, an online recording studio. ⑇ The Homepage of my website is the best place to learn about me. Homepage LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Gallery ⑇