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Mode: Setting habits to be happy with what I have while I pursue all that I want.
Seeking validation fades away over the years while general consensus in what I undertake becomes more and more important.
Straightforwardness and honesty are valued, adiós to the famous “French mysterious allure” and sous-entendus.
I take pleasure in being busy running cool fine stuff with my peers.



‘Mylène’s Blog’ gives you an answer to something you’ve been curious about. ⑇ Are you a songwriter or have friends who are? I co-founded Tunedly, an innovative recording studio with 5,000+ projects up to date. Check also the subsidiary: BringMySongToLife.com ⑇ The Homepage of my website is the best place to learn about me. I presently am embracing an ideal balance and realizing dreams. Sparkling heart Homepage LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Gallery ⑇

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  • Stereotypes impact us all…
    Each of us needs to find our unique voice if we want to prosper.
    Down-to-earth, adorable, great personality, and beautiful, you are aging well…

  • Mylène, femme épanouie.

  • You know, I was already trying to agree that you are an expert on happiness. I love your zeal to learn and share your interests with your readers and I must say that my curiosity has already been sparked and definitely going to go read up more about everything you write and speak up about. Queen M!

  • Stereotypes suck. I can write a full book about it and still not exhaust everything about it.


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