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“it’s good to have your life, it’s good to be Mylène” – my new NYC coach said to me after I notified her of what my schedule looks like. I am truly appreciative, to say the least. ✨



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  • I am a pianist…I have eclectic musical tastes…music is life…

  • Hi! Please contact me if you need any fashion advice.
    I am a fan of yours and it will be an honour to work with you.

    Spring is a great time to try a new style aesthetic because you’re no longer relegated to wearing the same sweater and pants combo every day! So based on Jessica Alba (you said once you like her style I believe!), here are my recommendations:

    Sounds kind of basic but Macy’s has some great stuff if you look hard enough. Brands like Calvin Klein, Lauren by Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger all have great basics and high quality. I know each individual Macy’s store have different inventories, but there’s always the online store too. And Macy’s has a pretty good average price point.
    Another great store that is almost exactly the aesthetic of those Jessica Alba outfits is this store called Aritzia. This place is a bit more trendy, but still has that rather classic, elegant baseline. Their stuff is also high quality and very cute!
    Zara is a great store for when you feel a bit more sartorially adventurous. I chose this store based on that Alba outfit where she is wearing those cute high waisted, flared pants and crop top. Try not to be scared off by some of the more eclectic pieces they have because a huge trend in fashion right now is actually that classic look, but with a twist. One trend that they carry in bulk that I think you should definitely explore is that “deconstructed dress shirt” trend. Some examples here, scroll down to see more of them. And here’s the website:
    When you’re feeling slightly more romantic and feminine (like the photo of Alba wearing that patterned skirt), Morning Lavender is the place to shop. The clothing on this sight is all curated by a famous blogger who you also may want to check out (here’s her blog). The prices are great, the stuff is so cute, and all extremely classy.
    A few more stores you may want to check out:
    COS –
    Reformation –
    Tibi –

    You also may want to start using Pinterest (I found you on Twitter!), because you can get so much great outfit inspiration from there. I know I personally do. My pinterest board “I’m Ready-To-Wear-It” is actually pretty in line with what your style inspiration is (not a plug, I swear!), so that might be a good place to start!
    Also, you look like you have an hourglass body shape (sorry, I am a creep!) and turns out I do as well. Because we tend to have small waists, I like to make my clothes kind of revolve around that with a lot of skirts and dresses that nip in at the waist, and high-waisted trousers and jeans.
    A trend I think that you might love are pretty bralettes. They don’t have to be overtly sexual but it is a very cute addition to see a little lace peaking out from under a white button-up oxford shirt.
    The good thing about fashion is that it is so easy to become “well-versed” in. Subscribing to the email lists of websites like Vogue, Stylecaster, Popsugar, The Coveteur and Who What Wear all easy ways to get in-the-know. I recommend looking through these sights and signing up for your favorite two or three because these emails do pile up pretty quickly in your inbox.

    I hope I brought something interesting… Please stay humble and graceful because this industry can use you until theres nothing left.

  • Good to hear from you again here, Mylène. I guess I have been away for too long… Lol

  • Debb Heather
    4th March 2021 5:14 pm

    Music is life and it brings out the best in anyone. My fitness coach has once looked at me and said “it’s delightful to have such a person like you as my student.” It seems the aura around us just always sells us out 

  • I have heard so much about Tunedly and wondering how I can take advantage of it. anyone here worked with them before?

  • It’s so true, Mylène. Even as a man, I envy your kind of person so much. You are not only talented but also hardworking. I have seen a couple of your works on Tunedly, and I must say they are amazing.

  • Keep it up, girl. The sky is your stepping stone!

  • Yeah-yeah! My superwoman. In whatever you do, just remember you have a family here that loves you so much. I hope to see more of your writings here this year too.

  • Sometimes too I wonder how a woman can be so versatile. Lol. You are just too amazing!

  • I am a guitarist… a good one at that. I wish to work on Tunedly, how can I make that happen pls?

  • Rebecca Sharks
    5th March 2021 10:47 am

    Let’s have a peep into what it looks like :). Can’t wait to scream aloud!!!! 🙂 🙂

  • Reply
  • Life’s sweet spot is where music is the life of the people.

  • 🙂 Mylène, when should we schedule our French teaching class? It will be an honor to learn a few statements from you. What do you think? 🙂 🙂

  • Woah! Mylene is back. Can’t wait to hear more from you.

  • Wow! Feels good to hear from everyone here again. It’s really been a while. Mylène, when are you dropping a post in the Interview category? That space needs some good energy!

  • I can imagine what the schedule will look like…. Lol. Go crush the goals, girl!

  • Smith Oliver
    5th March 2021 4:52 pm

    I am a songwriter and I must confess that Tunedly has been of tremendous help to my journey. All thanks to you Mylène. I will be glad to have you hundreds of time in my life

  • Can we have a lunch date in Canada one of these days? It will be a great privilege to see and speak with you in person. How are you coping with Covid over there?

  • We have missed how you share your thoughts on here, Mye. Hope you have a space for that in your schedule this year!!

  • Can’t wait to see your face again, Mylene. How is your YouTube channel? Been a while you push content there too. I guess you have been really busy lately.


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