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For serious songwriters with big dreams and music listeners with scouting ambitions.

Whether you need a songwriter demo, music production for your next album or any special project, audio mixing or mastering or session musicians, you are in the right place at tunedly.com. Tunedly’s users worked with some of the industry’s biggest talents, there is no studio more equipped to put you on the map than Tunedly. If you’re in search of opportunities to have your music placed in major productions, we can help with that too. The Tunedly platform proudly serves up and coming songwriters, lyricists and singers from across the globe in the pop, R&B, classical, country, Rock, EDM and folk scenes. The website hosts one of the most influential music blogs currently on the web, and its search rankings are off the charts. Contact the team today to find out how Tunedly can help you start producing your next big piece and/or give it more exposure.

As a music lover, you can discover different genres of fantastic music made by soon-to-be prominent artists on Tunedly, and earn royalties, NFTs, and TunedCoins when you listen to these songs. Sign up and see you on tunedly.com!

What clients say about Tunedly

Richard, Ireland
Tunedly is the best online recording studio I’ve ever worked with. Working with Tunedly has been wonderful. My hats off to the team…Thanks!
Peter, USA
I’ve been songwriting for over 20 years and I have not found a better production team and group of musicians anywhere. Take your songs to their full potential and have tunedly take you there!

As the former CMO and co-founder of Tunedly, I voluntarily stepped away in January 2024 to focus on other amazing avenues, passing on responsibilities to the capable hands of new management.