Mylène Besançon Shares Workday Efficiency Mantra with Maroon Oak Readers

Maroon Oak, an online network for women entrepreneurs and professionals, recently shared with its readers a list of 12 workday efficiency mantras from several female leaders. Mylène Besançon, co-founder Tunedly, was among the contributors. “Calm is a superpower” is the title of her mantra and outlines the importance of not worrying about all the little challenges that pop up while at work.

“In the past, I would worry over all the tasks that was on my to-do list, which I later realized was
overwhelming and unnecessary,” points out Mylène. “I have learned to immerse myself in the moment and stop obsessing over things that don’t go my way.”

Mylene is thankful for the opportunity to share her thoughts with the Maroon Oak community.
You can read her contribution, as well as the full list of mantras here.

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